However, it is important to remember that eating a couple of the foods will not help you in effectively losing weight. It is important that you make some changes in your diet so that you can lose weight and maintain an ideal figure.
15 Fat burning foods effective in burning more fats
  1. Coconut oil The fat in coconut oil are not stored as fat.
  2. Whole-grain breads. The sugars present in whole-grain bread products are discharged a lot more slowly compared to those that are in processed grain and so there is less insulin response.
  3. Salmon. This fish promotes a balanced ratio of insulin to glucagon.
  4. Asparagus. This is a non-starchy vegetable which is even more nutritious if eaten with cheese sauce.
  5. Kale. This food type is high in calcium.
  6. Chicken. It is good if you include chicken in your diet.
  7. Green beans. They help in filling you up without any effect on the ratio of insulin to glucagon.
  8. Cabbage. This is helpful as a filler in soups.
  9. Garlic. Garlic has been known to lower cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.
  10. Cod liver oil. A crucial supplement for Vitamins D and A.
  11. Bell peppers. This would be another non-starchy vegetable.
  12. Bitters. They help in the efficient digestion of fats.
  13. Cheese. This is nutritious but should be consumed in limited amounts.
  14. Summer squash. This is best when eaten with cheese sauces.
  15. Eggs. They have proteins and fats and mixes well with carbohydrates.

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