Everybody loves having sugar in their food. Sugar may be something our tongues relish but certainly, the body does not relish its effects on our health. Too much consumption of sugar leads to the deterioration of the pH levels of the body, making it difficult for an individual to shed extra weight and therefore maintain good health. Sugar and the acidity it produces needs an internal environment which leads to the overgrowth of fungi, dangerous yeasts, and bacteria.
As a result, the said pathogens feed on sugar in the body, multiply, while expelling toxic wastes which can result to a person feeling and looking worse. Since these pathogens feed on sugar, the body starts to crave for more sugar through sweets, pastas, and bread. The body then ends feeding the said microorganism, fueling their growth and placing more toxic acids in the body.
As the vicious cycle goes on, the body not just feeds these microorganisms but also takes huge amounts of food that are rich in calories and void of nutrients. As time goes by, an excessive amount of calorie through sugar intake leads to gain in weight.
Another aspect of sugar preventing weight loss is that when the body fuels more microorganisms, the toxins that they expel produce more acids in the blood, adding potential stress on the liver. Because the excess acid in our blood will be stored eventually in fat cells, this is not enough to acidify the body to lose weight. Only through getting rid of excess acid and restoring it to its proper pH balance would the person be able to shed the extra fat. When the fat is no longer needed in storing acid, then it can be readily metabolized.
In the same way, when the liver becomes more stressed as a result of filtering many toxins in the blood, the person will have a hard time of losing weight. This is due to the fact that the liver not only filters the body but likewise regulates the metabolism of sugar and fat. When the liver malfunctions then its ability in metabolizing fats and sugar will likewise be compromised. This results to elevated levels of blood lipid and blood sugar.
There are many sources of sugar particularly in our everyday fare. Some of these are livestock which often fed on sugar prior to being slaughter so that the taste and color of the meat will be improved. Another source are molasses and corn syrup frequently in fast foods in order to prevent the shrinkage of hamburgers.
Likewise, sugar is added to most roasted and mixed nuts. Another source of sugar is canned fish which are usually glazed with sugar. Also, condiments like mustard, ketchup, and relish are considered rich sources of sugar. Sugar is also sourced from table salts, as well as pasta, bread, and cereals.
Indeed, almost everything we eat is bombarded by sugar. The important thing is to refrain from eating processed food and be more inclined in eating natural and fresh foods. Eat natural sugar from fruits rather than eating chemically altered sugar which you can purchase from a grocery.
You can also eat fruits and vegetables. Green foods are considered very excellent sources of alkalinity, helping get rid of excess acid in the body brought about by sugar consumption. Another important element to put in your diet plan would be water – lots of water. By drinking water, you would be able to flush out all the toxins from your body, increasing the metabolism of your body.
Remember that to be able to lose the excess weight, discipline is needed. By making sure that you are always eating the proper food, you would be able to enhance the ability of your body to shed the extra pounds.

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