There are many different opinions on how to lose abdominal fat. This program combines the best of the available programs and gives the reader a good complete program that will allow you to get rid of abdominal fat, lose weight and not recover it if the program is followed as directed.
How to lose belly fat and keep it away
Keep Belly fat away
Belly fat seems to be one of the most difficult areas to eliminate for most people. However, most people want a quick solution and for that, this program is not designed.

It will give you the necessary results quickly, but it is designed as a program that anyone can incorporate into their life and use without dieting or starving.

The first step in achieving your goals is to make a thorough observation of your current diet and daily routine.

Most people really have no idea what or how much they consume daily. Start a diary write down everything you eat for 2 days in a row, as well as any activity you are currently doing.

On the third day, you will rate your diet and activity levels. You will see that there are many things that you never realized that you were consuming during the day.

This is the time to do your inventory. Count how many servings of breads, candy, soda you have been consuming.

The next step after making your inventory is to make a firm commitment to this program and follow it!

It won't work if you do it for 3 days and stops!

It is designed as a way of life, not as a quick solution or a fad diet and you will see results if you follow this for 2 weeks. This will give you the incentive to continue.

The first general rule is to reduce sugar and starches that produce fats in the body. So make a pact to cut your portions of breads, sugars, potatoes into ½.

If you totally avoid these types of foods, you will start to want them and eventually, you will want to "cheat", which will not help you in the long term.

Avoid sodas and each soda has about 150 calories that are pure sugar and caffeine. These are empty calories and do not provide nutrition for the body.

Plan to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to help hydrate the body.

Avoid hunger and eliminate toxins and fats that the body does not metabolize.

Next, incorporate foods to burn fat in your daily diet. This includes 3 daily servings of dairy products, such as cheese, milk and yoghurt. The University of Tennessee conducted a study that showed that people lost twice as much abdominal fat by incorporating this into their diet than those who consumed a diet without it.

Foods that burn fat include all citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and guavas. These are also rich in vitamin C and will help repair or boost your immune system. Other fruits and vegetables that burn fat include carrots, cabbage, broccoli, apples, watermelon, asparagus, beets and blueberries. Plan to eat at least 4-6 servings per day of this type of food.

The last step is to start increasing your daily activity to help tone and shape your body and includes your abdominal or abdominal muscles. People with health or back problems often have problems with this, since the abdominal muscles keep the spine aligned and the back muscles in the correct position. Therefore, improving this muscle area can also help with back pain.

This exercise program is very fast and easy to do. Anyone can do this, even those who are not in good health or who have been sedentary.

It is important to start with SLOW and level up. This increases your chances of continuing.

First, start on a daily 10-minute walk outdoors or on the treadmill. Then, a quick 3-minute workout routine that focuses on abdominal muscles and abdominal fat. You will do 5-10 jumps, squats, abs and push-ups.

If you cannot reach the floor, do push-ups against the wall with your body at a 45-degree angle. Increase your routine every 2-3 days by one or two repetitions or minutes.

You will see results very quickly doing this!

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