The raw food diet (RFD) is another one that is assaulting celebrities crazy about the diet. The raw food diet, as well as the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet and the Zone diet,  are among the most popular diet programs today. The South Beach, Atkins and Zone diets are low carb diets in which foods containing carbohydrates are limited to a certain level. The raw food diet consists if you have not guessed it yet, in raw foods. These include fresh fruit juices, herbs, dried fruits, seaweed, raw (or frozen) fruits and vegetables, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, yoghurt, sashimi, cheese and meat carpaccio tartare. 

Raw Food Diet
None of these things sound particularly attractive to live with, but the mantra behind the raw food diet is that raw and fresh foods contain more nutrients in them. When the food is cooked, part of the goodness is eliminated; depleting its nutritional value.

Eating raw foods actually has a positive effect on your body, as long as you don't eat foods that need to be cooked to be edible, for example, raw poultry is not an option! Raw foods have a positive effect on your digestive system, making things move much faster through your body. Cooking food can destroy its nutritional value, as the raw food specialists claim, and hinder metabolism.

Raw foods have a large amount of dietary enzymes fundamental to human health, as well as the digestion and metabolization of ingested foods. Enzymes and synergistic ingredients in raw foods improve digestion and revitalize the body. If you have a digestive disorder, the raw food diet could have a positive effect on this, improving your well-being. Research has even recently shown that if you eat a diet high in raw food content, this could help prevent serious diseases, including cancer.

Raw Food Diet with Rice
In raw food diets, food is eaten uncooked and unprocessed. A raw food diet consists of nothing more than raw foods (such as nuts, seeds, fruits, sprouted grains and beans), water and freshly pressed juices. Raw food diets can be taken in several ways: vegan, ovo-lacto-vegetarians or omnivorous (mixed raw food diets). Cereals and dairy products are generally not served, and usually, only one food is eaten at a meal.

Because raw foods are rich in antioxidants, eating a lot can delay premature ageing, giving your skin a healthier and more youthful appearance. Raw foods have been reported to have the lowest glycemic index values ​​of all. And raw food is much easier and cheaper to buy than all these expensive facial creams that "say" work. Because all the foods you eat in the raw food diet are rich in nutrients, you will also find that you have a greater amount of energy, which often leads to a general feeling of well-being.

Raw food diets, in general, are plant-based diets that are intended to prevent chronic disorders with the help of high content of beneficial nutritional substances such as carotenoids. There are many reports that indicate a strict raw food diet can contribute to low serum triglyceride and total cholesterol levels. Dietary guidelines recommend that people have a high intake of fruits and vegetables and a low amount of saturated fatty acids (AGS) and cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Actually, there are few disadvantages of this diet. Deficiencies of essential nutrients for the human body such as vitamin D, vitamin B12 and iron occur due to the strictness of the diet. Except, of course, that it can become a bit bland, since there is a limited amount of food you can eat, and everyone gets tired of eating the same thing every day. Therefore, try to vary what you eat and experiment with recipes to make the most of it.

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